Blayze Unguem Candidate Feedback – October 2015

Providing outstanding customer service is something we at Blayze Unguem pride ourselves upon. During October 2015 we undertook a comprehensive Candidate feedback survey in order to obtain further insight in to our Candidates perceptions of what Blayze Unguem delivers. With the results and feedback we receive, we continually evaluate our current performance, identify any areas […]

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Should You Be a Leader, Not a Boss?

Though there are substantial distinctions between the two roles, not everybody will notice the differences between a Boss and a Leader. Whilst the definition of a Boss is “a person who is in charge of a worker or Organisation”, merely being in charge does not automatically make you a Leader too. In order to empower your employees […]

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Is December the New January?

For many professionals January 1st is the beginning of a New Year’s resolution and a fresh start for all. A new career often lies high on the resolution list, so during the first calendar month jobseekers are habitually out in full force. Appreciating this opportunity to access increasingly scarce talent, many Organisations across the Print […]

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