Could you work from Home?

In an ever changing workplace environment, there are some very obvious benefits and flexibility attached to being able to work from home, either on a full or part time basis.  Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s become increasingly possible for a multitude of professions & professionals, via a computer, the internet and a mobile phone, […]

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Ever had to deal with a Toxic Job Offer?

In a very Candidate driven market, the awareness of bad managers and working environments, with the associated impact on Employee wellbeing and engagement, is ever more prevalent and there are some key warning signs that are there from the start! We have listed some of the top problems for you to look out for during […]

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Frustrated at work, it’s a common problem…

There are many reasons why people move jobs, sometimes it’s for advancement (increases in salary, responsibility etc), some are driven  by lifestyle changes (working hours, flexibility, location and travel), but there is an increasingly prevalent category – work frustrations.  Those frustrations are fuelled by a number of key factors, including bad managers/management, lack of work […]

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