magnifying-glass-1020142_640Business Owners and hiring Managers need to prepare for a challenging year in 2019.  The job portal Adzuna has revealed that competition for roles is at an all-time low, since starting their stats in 2012.  The researchers found there are currently only three vacancies per jobseeker, indicating that the fight for talent is going to be very fierce over the coming months.  Combine this with similar findings from the ONS, which show that unemployment is at its lowest level for 40 years and wages are continuing to rise at their highest level for nearly a decade, the result is a very strongly Candidate Driven Market.

In short, this means that you face the challenge of whether or not talent will pick you, not you picking the talent.  This has key implications for employers who now need to look at their offerings in a competitive market for staff, in a similar way as they would for Customers / Clients.

How you become an employer of choice  could be key  to whether you fill key requirements over the coming months to.  A Company’s workforce is its biggest asset, so this topic is worthy of serious thought, especially with migration falling and Business uncertainty ahead.

Blayze Unguem has a uniquely key understanding of the market and our network focusses on the best talent, not just the most visible.  During a Candidate Driven Market, competition is high for top talent as they are always in demand, generally looked after well and they need to be tempted.  Counter offers continue to increase as Companies try to secure their key assets for the future, so it is essential that Recruiting Managers have a thorough understanding of the Candidate motivators to ensure successful recruiting campaigns.  Employers need to be aware of the market and be must receptive to advice and suggestions on how to present themselves & their role in the most appealing manner.