For many of us, major business changes have been put on hold whilst the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the globe within the past three months, and with no clear sign yet of when it will return to some kind of normality, every-day processes such as promotions, salary negotiations and role changes have all been delayed and much of normal working life has been put into survival mode whilst the uncertainties surrounding the economic ramifications and the untold damage that the limitations of quarantine have wreaked are analysed.

This has also had a marked effect on all aspects of Recruitment, as understandably, the instinctive reactions of Bosses and Managers has largely been to hunker down and wait for the storm to blow over before making any decisions about proceeding with planned key/strategic appointments.

A report this week by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) shows that over one in four companies plan on making further redundancies as the coronavirus progresses, combined with a massive 47% reduction in applications in February compared with February 2019, aligned with a swathing reduction in advertised vacancies across the board because of the coronavirus crisis.

Surely it’s logical to delay the temptation to jump ship?

Whilst the data speaks for itself, the answer isn’t as cut and dry as one may presume. The Recruitment and Employment Federation (the REC), stated that Government measures put in place to support the transition between jobs in this period has made it feasible for professionals to continue to progress their careers. Businesses are struggling, with staff facing redundancies or furlough, despite the support of Government grants during this period, so with this in mind, here are three things to consider when thinking of changing lanes:

  • Are you happy?

Innumerable studies conducted over the past weeks have evidenced that worker wellbeing is indeed being largely affected by the coronavirus, much of this toll is due to remote working. If prior to the outbreak, your job was making you unhappy, unmotivated or restless, it may well still be beneficial to dedicate some time to reaching for open positions. Many companies still hiring are conducting interviews via Skype and other video conferencing software, making the process even more efficient than having to travel or take too much time out of the work day.

  • How has your Company reacted to coronavirus?

When the seas of business aren’t stormy, it can be hard to visualise how competent the Company that you work for actually is. Yet as coronavirus has taken hold of the professional world, policies and the agility of businesses are being put to the test. When the chips were down, did your company protect its workers, ensure their wellbeing and consider them a top priority, or did they frustrate the workforce with inactivity? This is a clear picture from which to gauge your dedication and investment.

  • Can you progress?

Whilst competence throughout the pandemic is a situation-specific scenario, one of the core elements of any job that should be constantly assessed is the potential for career progression. Are you satisfied in your current remit and if not, are there clear paths to more advanced positions open to you? If you feel that your current role is a dead-end, and isn’t offering anything to your resume, it may be time to look elsewhere, regardless of circumstance.

Here at Blayze Unguem, our dedicated Print, Packaging & Media Industry Specialists are working tirelessly during the pandemic, talking to Candidates & Clients alike, offering a respected personal & professional ‘sounding board’ in these challenging times & expertly connected to assist you with possible options to explore, whether now, or most relevantly once the restrictions are lifted & the world around us returns to some kind of Business normality.