There are many reasons why people move jobs, sometimes it’s for advancement (increases in salary, responsibility etc), some are driven  by lifestyle changes (working hours, flexibility, location and travel), but there is an increasingly prevalent category – work frustrations.  Those frustrations are fuelled by a number of key factors, including bad managers/management, lack of work direction and the behaviour of other colleagues to mention but a few;

A recent survey by Process Bliss has shown that 43% of employees in small businesses have changed their jobs because of work-related frustrations and stresses, with the more concerning indicator, that these issues when raised, were either not addressed by management, or failed to be solved.  Over a third of all respondents also admitted to calling in sick because of work-related stress, so it is clear this has become a serious issue for Employers & Employees alike.

The report also identifies some of the main sources of SME workplace stress, noting the reference to “lack ofs”, which indicate that individuals tried to solve these frustrations before looking to leave, or simply did not feel that their Manager was approachable enough;

Having to chase colleagues for updates (33%)

Lack of information or clarity when asked to do something (31%)

Lack of control over a situation (28%)

Lack of guidance/direction from the Boss (26%)

Lack of response to emails (25%).

One of the clearest messages to emerge, is that almost two-thirds (63%) of Respondents admitted they were not clear about all of their Company’s processes, highlighting the most common failures as employee/new starter onboarding, procurement and credit-checking, whilst HR disciplinary processes and customer onboarding were also cited.  Such process failures are having a significant impact on business too, with 43% of Respondents commenting that their Company has lost customers because of poor/failed processes.

Recruiting great staff is a task that’s difficult enough in the current climate, so it makes a lot of sense to look at your internal processes & structures to ensure that your ability to retain great staff and retain valuable Clients is maximised. Talk to one of the Blayze Unguem Consultants to discuss what & how to look at what you do and where you can evolve or introduce new & innovative ways to maximise the investment in your greatest assets….your Staff !