males-2322810_640It has long been known that staff are a Company’s greatest asset and that Company culture is a huge contributor to both staff performance and recruiting attraction.  But when we try to discuss Company Culture, it is often put to one side and dismissed and deemed not as valuable as others aspects of the role or the associated finances.

A recent study by Gartner has shown that less than a third (31%) of HR leaders believe that their organisation has the necessary culture to drive performance.  The study also goes on to show that aligning a workforce to the desired culture can improve performance against revenue goals by over 20%.

We can all think of Companies with both good and bad culture from our own past or current experiences and it is clear that this has become an important and increasingly defining factor, greatly impacting a Company’s access to talent.  Culture is key when recruiting, employees will enjoy working at Company that has aligned goals, clarity and direction from Senior Management, often choosing to sacrifice short term income goals.

Another recent study by Asana that showed that over a third of UK employees think that their business suffers from lack of direction, thus hampering Business & Personal performance, it is not just Managers that are concerned by this, all levels are.  The research also shows that just over half (51%) of people surveyed said they would be more productive if they understood how the tasks that they were completing fitted into the wider company objective, some estimating that productivity could increase by 50%

So some questions to ask, how is your Company culture?  What are your short and long term goals and timelines?  Is everyone aligned to them and do you have a plan? … These things make a huge difference and they will have a very significant impact on your Business’ ability to secure & retain the very best talent in the Market.