MenA recent survey of Managers and Directors of SME’s by MindGenius found that when they were given the responsibility of managing people, budgets and projects, they were in the majority of cases neither prepared nor given enough training and support to successfully deliver their enhanced responsibility.

72% of management professionals surveyed said that they were given immediate responsibility for managing people in their most recent role but only 22% said they were given the necessary ongoing training and support to execute those responsibilities effectively.  A worrying 88% of people asked, said that their Employers could/should do more to equip staff with the management training and the skills to be truly effective.

Considering the impact that a Manager can have on staff performance (both good and bad) and the critical matter of staff retention, this is a rather concerning damnation. Many Companies train their production staff on new machines, equipment and software, whilst finance staff are equally trained and qualified to perform their responsibilities, but more often than not, it is key people who are technically very strong/effective in their current jobs that are promoted into ‘management’ and given the responsibility of managing a team. All too often, this takes them away from what they are good at and they’re often left feeling very exposed ‘in deep water that they’re unsure of the most effective method of swimming in’.  The survey results clearly identify a lack of people management training in most modern business’ (though there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of training courses?) and it highlights the massive gamble with so many newly promoted staff being ‘left to make it up as they go along’, so it should come as no surprise to Employers, that one of the main reasons why staff begin looking for a new role is their ‘Bad Manager’…

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