A recent survey suggested that 70% of people believe their dream job is possible, but only 10% are actually doing it. So seizing upon that classic statement  “find something you enjoy and get someone to pay you for doing it”, our survey has been exploring both the more down to earth ambitions, alongside some of the more unusual opportunities that have arisen this year…

Nasa Planetary Protection Officer – at first glance this could mean you dressing up as Iron Man to stop alien invasions or protecting the Earth from stray asteroids, but actually this is quite a technical role to stop contamination of other worlds during future missions and vice-versa.

Professional Pizza Taster – a Bath pizza company was recently seeking a professional pizza taster, it is part time and offers serious pizza perks!

Global Drinks Ambassador – like your whisky? a Scottish company was looking for a global drinks ambassador to travel the world, it’s more complex & demanding than it might first look, but it certainly does involve drinking a fair bit of whisky.

The list goes – how about professional Tea Tasters, Waterslides Testers, Golf Ball Divers…. all jobs have their demands, but someone has to do it?

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