At this time of year there’s always a lot going on both in an Employees work and personal life. The nights are longer and summer is a distant memory, so for many individuals, this time of year is a midpoint between the regret of what they have not/could have achieved and importantly…the excitement of the pending Christmas break.  Professionally this is equally a busy and often hectic time in the work place, so this combination demands that Employee motivation is absolutely paramount in fostering/maintaining a happy, effective and therefore productive workplace.

Lack of interest and enthusiasm in work can lead to;

  • Lateness, longer lunches, more distractions and staff chatter
  • Poor work performance and standards
  • Repeated sick leave
  • Negative behaviour and attitudes
  • Disregarding rules and instructions

Don’t forget – Negative behaviour and attitude are often infectious….

What can motivate:

This is where a Manager have a great role to play, both in leading the culture, but also importantly in tackling issues and nipping problems in the bud.  The longer that issues remain, the harder they are to resolve & prevent….

  • Communication – frequent two-way communication between staff and management is key, don’t just talk, listen and act.
  • Challenging work – some people love a challenge or a problem to solve.
  • Opportunities – short term incentives and rewards can make a massive difference and do not have to cost the earth
  • Recognition – good work should be praised, let your staff share in the limelight
  • Self-Control – letting staff become masters of their own destiny can give a wonderful sense of pride and empowerment
  • Business Impact – if staff know and see that what they do makes a difference, it can really connect them to the bigger business picture

So, ask yourself, are you motivated and if so, what about those around you?  If not, then you need to work out what can be done to improve & enhance matters for the Business good ?