Our prime focus is on delivery within a professional search environment, ensuring we constantly source outstanding talent for your organisation in the most effective manner. Throughout our relationship with the Client and critically during process, we adopt a confidential approach to the market. We always conduct business with you via an open and engaged relationship and in a highly communicative way across multiple channels.

Blayze Unguem works closely with our Clients, always using the most relevant recruitment process to serve their needs.

Partnered Contingent Search

Our PCS solution provides Clients with the same high quality service levels associated with traditional Search practice, but at delivery geared fee structure. In developing an exclusive and partnered contingent approach, you commit to Blayze Unguem by appointing us as your sole Agency in the recruitment of your role, and this ensures that you benefit significantly.

The Partnered Contingent Search (Exclusive Assignment) would include the following processes:

  • Evolved Role definition and specification
  • CV pre-screen and preliminary shortlisting
  • Preliminary shortlist interviewing conducted by a Senior Consultant
  • Final shortlist compilation and report submission
  • Candidate Employment Offer handling
  • Candidate exit and entry management

It is important to note however, that PCS can only ever identify the best of the visible Candidates and is only recommended for certain types of assignment. In order to ensure that you reach the best available talent we would recommend combining PCS with one of our other services.

If you would like a confidential discussion with one of our consultants on your Business needs, including Recruitment and Retention, please contact us on 0345 11 22 828, or at info@blayze-unguem.com.