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Though there are substantial distinctions between the two roles, not everybody will notice the differences between a Boss and a Leader. Whilst the definition of a Boss is “a person who is in charge of a worker or Organisation”, merely being in charge does not automatically make you a Leader too.

In order to empower your employees and keep them engaged, you must invest in your staff, setting them visions and goals to grow as individuals whilst also achieving common Company objectives too. Building a culture of control and shouting orders does not mean that workers will blindly follow, you must embrace a leadership mentality, be prepared to perform tasks yourself and engage with your employees. A great leader is willing to direct and listen to their team and encourages feedback and suggestions from them too.

Embracing the standpoint of being simply a Boss, you overlook the key aspect of your Business, that of your workforce. As staff are the ‘middle men’ between the Company itself and its Clients and Customers, it is vital that the employees are led by example. After all, those employees who feel valued are also more likely to be loyal and productive to your Organisation in the long-run.

Being a Leader requires a considerable amount more responsibility and intelligence than taking on the role of a Boss, though often many professionals dream of becoming the latter. Though a Boss is typically concerned with the final outcomes, Leaders tend to be accountable for the development of that said outcome and the personnel who are instrumental in driving that process.

In today’s competitive Print and Packaging arenas, leadership is vital. Being able to understand and/or act on the variances between being a boss or leader might be the difference between running an Organisation that is not stood still, but one that is continuing to develop and prosper within these ever-changing and challenging industries.