Over the course of your working life, at some point you will have dreamt about the prospect of a new and exciting career, and you’re not alone. According to recent statistics reported by LinkedIn, a quarter of its members are active job seekers, with an additional 60% thought to be passive & open to new opportunities, though they are not actively seeking a new career.

Despite the numerous number of people that are unhappy with their current working situation, it is not unusual for individuals to want to avoid change. Employees often accept the fact that they are unhappy and de-motivated within their role and often wait for something beyond their control to happen to instigate the change. Many see the importance in long-term job stability and often this is the reasoning behind individuals stopping in what they may view as a ‘dead-end job’.

Psychological research has identified 5 fundamental signs that suggest you are ready for a career change, and if you feel as though you tick any or many of these boxes, perhaps it is time to pick up the phone and allow us to help you find your next exciting career opportunity.

  1. Lack of learning & development – Recent studies have revealed that in order to be happy whilst progressing further into your career and adulthood, you must be continuously learning and improving. To enable job satisfaction there should be room for you to develop yourself and your skills in your role.
  2. Not excelling – Many individuals find themselves plain sailing through their duties, and this can either be down to the job simply not being challenging enough, or the opposite, it is too hard, meaning the individual is probably not excelling in their role. To be satisfied in our careers we have to be engaged and motivated and for that to happen we must be in a role that requires us to perform at our top level.
  3. Feeling unappreciated – Although some individuals will receive promotions and pay rises, it is unlikely for a worker to be 100% happy unless they feel valued and respected by those around them, especially their direct managers. If you feel unappreciated at work, then you are more likely to find your work exhaustive which may lead to unproductive work behaviours.
  4. Money comes first – It is not rewarding to stay in a career merely for the salary, and often employees in this situation find themselves demotivated. Employee engagement is vital and this is often achieved through the satisfaction of other basic needs, such as a positive company culture & working conditions, an engaged personality fit and personal progression opportunity.
  5. Friction between you and your boss – It is well known saying that people don’t leave their job, but they leave their boss. Many employees find the most challenging part of their role communicating and working with their direct managers and if the relationship is so bad that it begins to damage your career, then perhaps it is time for a change.

There are numerous other factors and signs that all individuals should look out for within their career that should instigate a change. If you feel that these factors apply to your current situation and you believe that a change in career is necessary for job satisfaction, then Blayze Unguem can help you in your search. We have our ‘finger on the pulse’ of our specialty areas, so we are always aware of the newest and most exciting opportunities in your industry. To speak confidentially to a Consultant about your next opportunity, please contact us on 0345 11 22 828, at or drop us a message via our contact form and we will get back to you.