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Blayze Unguem approaches the market through combining professional executive search experience with expert industry knowledge, delivering a diverse array of highly perceptive and innovative recruitment solutions. Our strength lies in our Consultants, all of whom come from an operational background within your industry or alternatively are experienced Executive Search Consultants.

Having had experience of your industry and in many cases being in your role, we are in a unique position to offer both Clients and Candidates pre and post-employment advice, care and support services.

We build value in you, and as part of our service to you we offer:


Talent Management

Even the most creative and well planned Business strategy will not succeed without the right people in place. A Company culture that attracts, develops and rewards talent and strong performance can help your Business to surge ahead of the competition. With many Businesses eager to develop and maintain growth, retaining and motivating key staff is critical and can be costly to overlook. Providing resources to this end helps your employees achieve their best individual potential and helps your Business respond to challenges, enter new markets and move ahead of the competition.

Blayze Unguem delivers Talent Management Programmes to aid and improve the development of key people within your Organisation…


Non-Executive Director Service

Most people have heard the term Non-Executive Director without actually really knowing what they are, much less what they can potentially do for both a growing or indeed an established Business. Those who do know they can add knowledge, diversity and experience to a Company’s Board, all of which cannot fail to be of value to a Business regardless of size or turnover. Non-Executive Directors have often held a strategic and political role in larger Companies, but now, smaller Businesses are recognising that they can be a valuable asset, so much so in fact, that start-up Companies and SMEs are increasingly searching for and appointing the ‘perfect person’ to be a Non-Executive Director for their Organisation.

Blayze Unguem’s Non-Executive Director service aims to match Businesses with like-minded individuals to give you the edge…


Blayze Unguem Employers Interview Guide

The initial meeting with a Candidate is critical to both parties, not only are you forming your first impressions of them, they are of you and the company.

Interviewing is a two-way street, you need to both check if the Candidate is the right person for the job in a multitude of ways; experience, personality, qualifications etc, but also allow the Candidate to find out if the company and role is right for them, it requires a skillset in its own right.

For our employers guide, click below.



The Blayze Unguem Guide to Writing the Perfect Résumé

Your CV is the most convenient way to market yourself, it is a ‘snapshot’ of you as an individual. Résumé’s are the chance for you to ‘sell’ your experience, skills, achievements and qualifications to potential employers, with the aim of it securing yourself an interview.

Whilst you might possess all of the necessary requirements for a vacancy, your CV has failed if the potential employer does not recognise that you possess these attributes.

For tips on how to to write an effective résumé, click below.


The Blayze Unguem Guide to Interview Success

So the CV got you in the door, but that’s just the start of it. The face to face interview is where you ‘clinch the deal’. Interviewing well can sometimes be more important than actual relevant career experience. Often, the person who interviews best is offered the role over the person with the more relevant career experience.

Remember, once you’re in the door, your CV has done its job, now it’s over to you. Now is the time to make yourself stand out head and shoulders above the competition. This is your big chance to really promote yourself, so it pays to prepare.

For tips on how to ace an interview, click below.


Candidate CV Template

Use our template to create a well structure and presented Résumé.  Your CV is your chance to make a fantastic first impression and a very effective way to market yourself to potential employers.

A badly formatted CV containing poor formatting and spelling can put you on the back foot against other applicants.  Equally so, a hiring manager should be able to find the information they want quickly and easily, so don’t make your CV crowded or too long, as a guide try and limit it to two or perhaps three pages.  You could always have a longer more detailed version on hand if needed.

Your CV should be tailored to the role you are applying for, or the career path you are wishing to develop, so you may want to save several versions.

To open the template click below, this will open a Microsoft Word Document that you can then customise with your information.


Blayze Unguem Guide to The First 3 Months of a New Role

So your dream employer loved your CV, you passed the interview stages with flying colours and you received the offer of a permanent position, BUT, there’s a small catch… Like many other Companies your new employer will more than likely have the standard procedure of putting a probationary period in place before you officially have the job.

The aim is for the new employer to confirm that you are definitely the right Candidate for the job and you can succeed in the role. Though it can be seen as a test, it is in everyone’s best interest, including the employer’s, for you to pass, and due to this you will find that there is lots of help for you along the way.

For our guide to the first 3 months, click below.


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Blayze Unguem truly understands what you have to go through in the process of hiring new talent or changing roles, and because of that knowledge; we consistently deliver an unparalleled level of communication, service and career fulfilment opportunities.

Blayze Unguem offers Clients a further comprehensive range of Value Added Services, but for a confidential discussion regarding your potential or ongoing employee issues, or for professional career advice, please contact Bradley Elliott on 0345 11 22 828 or drop us an email at