When does a ‘Career Plan’ become important to you ?

With all the political arguments around Brexit now (hopefully) behind us, already it’s proving to be an interesting year, finally enabling the Country to focus on what the future holds. But what about you, how do you feel about your future, do you have a plan and do you consider yourself still in the driving seat ? (or have you taken a back seat, whilst watching others get on/get off the bus…..?)

A common question posed at interview is “Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time ?” and this is especially interesting, given that the average length of time in a job is just under 5 years.  So the question is pertinent, just where so you see yourself in 5 years and is it time for a plan of action? Here are a few key pointers to consider;

  • Ways to progress in your current role – is there advancement, supervisory responsibility, or a more senior position?
  • Steps to the side – are you in Production, but want to step into Scheduling or into the Office in an Account Management role?
  • One step back – perhaps you no longer want the responsibility to manage people and simply want to ‘get your hands dirty’ and go back to the shop floor or Client management?
  • Training – do you lack something the key skills to progress to your chosen field – a qualification, software usage, more direct experience?

The best Companies have regular Employee Reviews / Personal Improvement Plans & Training System, building on the commitment to promote and cross train staff, but if your Employers don’t fit into that supportive & developmental mindset, then sadly, you may only be left with one option…..

It’s important to note that the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere, but here at Blayze Unguem we have very close working relationships with our Clients, visiting, inspecting, understanding their Business & cultures, so drawing on the knowledge that we can share when talking to Candidates, all day, every day, we can give a unique perspective on how you can progress your career in a chosen direction, whether into a more senior role, stepping into another field, understanding/advising on what training you may need and putting you in contact with providers that can assist…

We’re experts in helping you to plan & execute your career aspirations, so speak to one of Blayze Unguem Consultants for specialist & confidential advice on your career to date & assistance on how to move in your desired professional direction.