BossResearch has identified that almost 70% of candidates would not apply for a role without researching the Company, with more than half (57%) reporting that they would automatically distrust a Company with little or no internet presence, rationalising that the lack of modern websites for some Companies is very off putting.  An out of date website, which should be the business face of a Company, immediately creates a poor first impression and alarms the individuals to dig even deeper for positive assurance.

The research further suggests, that Employer reputation has become a key factor for jobseekers in deciding which Companies to apply to and the more information and insight that jobseekers can access online about Companies, the more likely they are to apply for a role. Just a simple google search can reveal key contacts, reviews of products and services, street views of the location and office, Company reports and accounts and of course, working experiences from current and previous employees, both the good and the bad.

The research clearly identified that there was a direct correlation between access to information and the trust in engendered in an organisation, with trust proportionately increasing according to the information that is available. If there was no information to be found about a firm, just under half the Candidates (49%) would automatically distrust or potentially dismiss them.

In summary, Blayze Unguem would urge that it is critical for you to you invest genuine time and effort in creating a thriving and successful ‘Employer Brand’ in order to gain the upper hand over competitors for both business and key personnel hiring opportunities.